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  • Atlanta Property Managers

    Atlanta property managers Property managers in Atlanta are responsible for managing many of the 94,674 tenant occupied units in Atlanta. In a sample of 92,210 renter occupied units collecting rent, 13,843 (15% of Atlanta tenants) pay more than $1,000 in rent every month. Read about Atlanta property managers to see how they can help you with Atlanta property management!
  • Property Management for Atlanta Landlords

    Atlanta landlords There are 73,473 property owners living in Atlanta, and many of them are landlords. In a sample of 61,208 owner occupied units, 9,105 real estate investors paid real estate taxes in excess of $5,000, and 145 Atlanta owners paid no real estate taxes at all. Click to read more about Atlanta landlords and property management fees in Atlanta!
  • Collecting Rent from Atlanta Tenants

    Atlanta tenants 56% of the occupied housing units in Atlanta are rented by 213,160 Atlanta tenants, and many of these units are managed by property management companies in Atlanta. Keep on reading to learn about the housing rates in Atlanta and to become an expert on Atlanta property management!
  • Atlanta Housing Facts

    Census data shows that Atlanta, Georgia has about 416,474 people and a total of 186,925 housing units. About 18,778 (10%) of these units are vacant, 73,473 (39%) are owner-occupied, and 94,674 (51%) of the housing units are are renter-occupied. 174,367 people live in owner occupied units and there are 213,160 residents in renter occupied units - so there are a total of 387,527 residents occupying housing units in Atlanta. The Georgia State Department of Housing and Urban Development has a lot of information about Atlanta property management, and you can also learn more by contacting the recommended Georgia property managers.
  • Atlanta Rental Housing Stats

    Have you read the latest HUD News for Georgia? Atlanta is 44% owner occupied and 56% renter occupied. From the 387,527 people living in Atlanta's 168,147 housing units, 174,367 live in one of the 73,473 owner occupied units, while the remaining 213,160 live in one of the 94,674 renter occupied units.

    Here is a breakdown of the households in Atlanta:
    Total population: 416,474
    Housing units: 186,925
    Vacant Housing units: 18,778 (10%)
    Occupied Housing units: 168,147 (90%)
    Population in Occupied Housing units: 387,527 (93%)
    # of households: 168,341
    # of households with interest, dividends, or net rental income: 45,178
    # of households with no interest, dividends, or net rental income: 123,163

    1-person households is 64,659
    2-person households is 49,254
    3-person households is 23,129
    4-person households is 15,624
    5-person households is 8,173
    6-person households is 3,787
    7-or-more person households: is 3,521

    # of households where income is less than $10;000: 28,669
    # of households where income is $10;000 to $14;999: 12,267
    # of households where income is $15;000 to $19;999: 11,944
    # of households where income is $20;000 to $24;999: 11,247
    # of households where income is $25;000 to $29;999: 10,431
    # of households where income is $30;000 to $34;999: 9,972
    # of households where income is $35;000 to $39;999: 8,214
    # of households where income is $40;000 to $44;999: 7,413
    # of households where income is $45;000 to $49;999: 6,077
    # of households where income is $50;000 to $59;999: 11,344
    # of households where income is $60;000 to $74;999: 12,475
    # of households where income is $75;000 to $99;999: 12,859
    # of households where income is $100;000 to $124;999: 7,906
    # of households where income is $125;000 to $149;999: 4,492
    # of households where income is $150;000 to $199;999: 4,475
    # of households where income is $200;000 or more: 8,556

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    Atlanta property management blog If you need help with property management in Atlanta, look no further! Everything you need is here! Whether you need landlord software for Atlanta tenants to pay rent online, software for property managers to send monthly owner statements in one click, or Atlanta property management forms like the Georgia rental application, you can find it all at www.atlanta-property-management-companies.info!
  • Atlanta property management help Check out the Atlanta Property Management Blog to learn more about how to collect rent online from Atlanta tenants. There are a lot of ways to make Atlanta property management easy, and if you have trouble collecting rents from tenants and managing your Atlanta rentals, you should talk to a property manager in Atlanta. Contact the recommended property management companies today!
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